Levels Barbershop.  A tapered tradition since 1996


Kamal Nuru, Larry Wilson and Denorval Parks founded levels Barbershop on June 15, 1996.  Denorval Parks (Kamal’s cousin) approached Kamal about going into business together after he was badly injured in an unfortunate car accident. Kamal and Larry who are longtime friends met in 1987 while they both worked for and received on the job training from their mentor and instructor Mr. Gene Walker. Ironically at the same time Denorval approached Kamal about going into business together they uncovered that Mr. Walker wanted to get out of a lease that he had for one of his two barber shops because he was having difficulty effectively managing it.  This presented them with an opportunity to start a barbershop of their own.  During a conversation with a close friend the word Levels was used to signify some of life’s most important experiences, it was at that point that Kamal instantaneously knew that Levels was the word that encompassed their vision of what they wanted their barber shop to become. 

Located a few blocks away from the world famous Apollo Theater and within the heart of Harlem’s most famous shopping district, 125th Street.  Levels has been established to appeal to the individual who is looking for more than just your average haircut but a place where that individual will be able to relax in a comfortable professional atmosphere and be able to network with individuals from a wide array of industries. Levels have developed a timeless design & décor from the deep red awing to the varnished hardwood floors.  This décor enhances the curiosity of your regular passerby that it is not just your ordinary barbershop but also a shop that promotes unique appeal. 

On Nov 7, 1998, Kamal inspired by another widely recognized local barber shop, Jerry’s Den expanded and opened his second shop on Harlem’s east side.   Less than one year later on Nov 6, 1999 Kamal opened his third shop

conveniently located in the heart of central Harlem.  With the success of Levels throughout the Harlem community Kamal felt that it was time to introduce Levels to broader customer base and on Nov 18, 2000 Kamal opened his fourth shop in Brooklyn’s historical community, Clinton Hills.  October 3rd 2009 Kamal opened his fifth location on Hillside avenue in Jamaica Queens and lastly June 11th 2011 Kamal opened his most recent location in Harlem 5 east 115th street.For over the past 16 years, Levels has been focused on providing a quality, affordable, efficient service.  This philosophy has been the cornerstone of our business. Hair care is as important for men as it is for women and children. We pride ourselves that our hairstylists are always readily accessible to our customers for consultation and recommendations on style changes and hair conditions. We are committed to continued growth and the expansion of our company to meet the ever-changing needs and requirements of our customers in today’s competitive environment.